Renewed and Cancelled TV Shows 2020

Find out which shows are returning and which are ending in this list of 2020's renewed and cancelled TV series.

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Want to know if your favorite television series is among the latest cancelled TV shows? Bookmark this page to learn about Netflix cancelled shows, when network series get the axe, and which cable TV limited series are being reworked as anthologies to squeeze every single drop of fan love out of them.

How it works: Renewals are obvious: new season = yay! When a network or streaming service announces that they’re not making another season of a show, however, we count that as cancelled (or “canceled” if you spell it without SEO considerations). Sure, some shows “come to a natural end,” but someone somewhere said “enough,” and to avoid endless discussions about whether a title was “cancelled” or “retired” — “Daredevil was cancelled and Empire is cancelled, but Game of Thrones died peacefully of old age!” — we’re going with the one designation. Feel free to debate specific titles in the comments if you wish. But first, learn which series will live on, which have been resurrected — which is happening more and more frequently — and which have reached their expiration date.

Updated April 3, 2020

Messiah Netflix

Messiah will not see a second coming. Netflix chose not to renew creator Michael Petroni’s series about a man who can perform miracles — and therefore freaks out the CIA — after the series premiered on New Year’s day. The show starred Mehdi Dehbi and counted Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, who have a history of making faith-based programs, among its executive producers.

Michael Provost, Debby Ryan in Insatiable on Netflix. Photo Credit: Tina Rowden/Netflix.
(Photo by Tina Rowden/Netflix)

Netflix has had its fill of Insatiable, cancelling the dark comedy aimed at teen popularity and pageantry after two seasons. The controversial series, which starred Debby Ryan and was created by Dexter alum Lauren Gussis, drew heat even before its premiere in regards to its premise of an unpopular girl who loses weight and decides to take down her enemies — and the pageant coach (played by Dallas Roberts) who hopes he can mold her into a beauty queen. It has a 13% Tomatometer score from critics, although audiences liked it enough to give it an 89% rating.

Sam Taylor / Netflix

Netflix has ordered a third season of Sex Education. The critical darling follows a socially awkward high schooler (played by Asa Butterfield) who also happens to be the son of a sex therapist (played by Gillian Anderson) — a fact he uses to his advantage as he attempts to climb up his high school’s social ladder. Season 2 premiered in January and has a 97% Tomatometer score.

Just added: Locke & Key: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed, V-Wars: season 1 (Netflix) – Cancelled, October Faction: season 1 (Netflix) – Cancelled, Shrill: season 3 (Hulu) – Renewed, Deputy: season 1 (Fox) – Cancelled.

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13 Reasons Why: season 3 (Netflix) – Cancelled (after fourth, and final, season)
The 100: season 7 (The CW) – Cancelled (after seventh, and final, season)
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A Discovery of Witches: seasons 2 and 3 (Sundance Now) – Renewed 
: season 3 (Amazon) – Renewed
After Life: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
AJ and the Queen: season 1 (Netflix) – Cancelled 
The Alienist: season 2 (TNT) – Renewed
Almost Family: season 1 (Fox) – Cancelled
All American: season 2 (The CW) – Renewed
Altered Carbon: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
America’s Got Talent: season 15 (NBC) – Renewed
America’s Got Talent: The Champions: season 2 (NBC) – Renewed
American Crime Story: season 3 (FX) – Renewed
American Gods: season 3 (Starz) – Renewed
American Horror Story: seasons 10, 11, 12 and 13 (FX) – Renewed
American Housewife: season 4 (ABC) – Renewed
American Idol: season 18/season 8 (ABC) – Renewed (for third season on ABC, 18th overall)
American Ninja Warrior: season 12 (NBC) – Renewed
American Soul: season 2 (BET) – Renewed
Animal Kingdom: season 5 (TNT) – Renewed
Anne With an E
: season 3 (Netflix) – Cancelled
Another Life: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
A.P. Bio: season 3 (NBC) – Renewed (on NBCUniversal’s upcoming streaming service Peacock, after being cancelled by NBC)
Archer: season 11 (FX) – Renewed
: season 8 (The CW) – Cancelled  (after eighth, and final, season)
At Home With Amy Sedaris: season 3 (truTV) – Renewed 
Atlanta: seasons 3 & 4 (FX)  – Renewed 
Atypical: season 4 (Netflix) – Cancelled (after fourth and final season)
Avenue 5: season 2 (HBO) – Renewed
Awkwafina is Nora from Queens: season 2 (Comedy Central) – Renewed
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The Bachelor: season 24 (ABC) – Renewed
The Bachelorette
: season 16 (ABC) – Renewed
Bachelor in Paradise
: season 7 (ABC) – Renewed
Back to Life: season 2 (Showtime) – Renewed
Bargain Mansions: season 3 (HGTV) – Renewed
Bar Rescue: season 7 (Paramount Network) – Renewed
Baroness Von Sketch Show
: season 5 (IFC) – Renewed
Barry: season 3 (HBO) – Renewed
Beat Shazam: season 4 (Fox) – Renewed
Better Things: season 4 (FX) – Renewed
Better Call Saul: season 6 (HBO) – Cancelled (after sixth, and final, season)
Big Brother: season 22 (CBS) – Renewed
Big Mouth: seasons 3-6 (Netflix) – Renewed
Billions: season 5 (Showtime) – Renewed
Black-ish: season 6 (ABC) – Renewed
A Black Lady Sketch Show: season 2 (HBO) – Renewed
Black Lightning: season 4 (The CW) – Renewed
Black Monday
: season 2 (Showtime) – Renewed
The Blacklist
: season 8 (NBC) – Renewed
Black Mirror
: season 5 (Netflix) – Renewed
Bless the Harts: season 2 (Fox) – Renewed
Bless This Mess: season 2 (ABC) – Renewed
Blood & Treasure: season 2 (CBS) – Renewed
Blue Bloods: season 10 (CBS) – Renewed
Bob’s Burgers: season 10 (Fox) – Renewed
Bojack Horseman: season 6 (Netflix) – Cancelled (after sixth, and final, season)
The Bold Type: season 4 (Freeform) – Renewed
Boomerang: Season 2 (BET) – Renewed
Bosch: season 7 (Amazon) – Cancelled (after seventh, and final, season)
The Boys: season 2 (Amazon) – Renewed
Brockmire: season 4 (IFC) – Renewed
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: season 8 (NBC) – Renewed
Buddy vs. Duff: season 2 (Food Network)  – Renewed
Bull: season 4 (CBS) – Renewed
Bunk’d: season 5 (Disney Channel) – Renewed
Burden of Truth: season 3 (The CW) – Renewed
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Card Sharks: season 2 (ABC) – Renewed
Carmen Sandiego: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
Carnival Row: season 2 (Amazon) – Renewed
: season 2 (WGN) – Renewed
Castle Rock: season 2 (Hulu) – Renewed
Castlevania: season 3 (Netflix) – Renewed
Celebrity Family Feud: season 7 (ABC) – Renewed
Charmed: season 3 (The CW) – Renewed
Chef’s Table: seasons 7 and 8 (Netflix) – Renewed
The Chi: season 3 (Showtime) – Renewed
Chicago Fire: season 11 (NBC) – Renewed
Chicago Med
: season 8 (NBC) – Renewed
Chicago P.D.
: season 10 (NBC) – Renewed
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: parts 3 and 4 (Netflix) – Renewed
Christina on the Coast: season 2 (HGTV) – Renewed
The Circle: seasons 2 and 3 (Netflix) – Renewed
City on a Hill: season 2 (Showtime) – Renewed
Claws: season 4 (TNT) – Cancelled (after fourth, and final, season)
Cobra Kai: season 3 (YouTube Premium) – Renewed 
Condor: season 2 (Audience) – Renewed
The Conners: season 2 (ABC) – Renewed
Corporate: season 3 (Comedy Central) – Cancelled (after third, and final, season)
Craig of the Creek
: season 3 (Cartoon Network) – Renewed
Crank Yankers: season 6 (Comedy Central) – Renewed
Creepshow: season 2 (Shudder) – Renewed
Criminal Minds: season 15 (CBS) – Cancelled (after fifteenth, and final, season)
The Crown: seasons 4 and 5 (Netflix) – Cancelled (after fifth, and final, season)
Curb Your Enthusiasm: season 10 (HBO) – Renewed
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Jodie Whittaker in Doctor Who season 11 poster (BBC America)
(Photo by BBC America)

Dancing With the Stars: season 29 (ABC) – Renewed
: season 3 (Netflix) – Cancelled (after third, and final, season)
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: season 6 (The CW) – Renewed
Dead to Me
: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
Dear White People
: season 4 (Netflix) – Cancelled (after fourth, and final, season)
Deputy: season 1 (Fox) – Cancelled
Desus & Mero: season 2 (Showtime) – Renewed
Dickinson: season 2 (Apple TV+) – Renewed
Disenchantment: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
Doctor Who: season 13 (BBC America) – Renewed 
Documentary Now: season 4 (IFC) – Renewed
Dogs: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
Doom Patrol: season 2 (DC Universe) – Renewed
Drunk History: season 7 (Comedy Central) – Renewed
Dynasty: season 4 (The CW) – Renewed
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Eli Roth’s History of Horror: season 2 (AMC) – RenewedElite: season 3 (Netflix) – Renewed (through season 5)
Ellen’s Game of Games: season 4 (NBC) – Renewed
Empire: season 6 (Fox) – Cancelled (after sixth, and final, season)
The End of The F***ing World: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
Euphoria: season 2 (HBO) – Renewed
Evil: season 2 (CBS) – Renewed
The Expanse: season 5 (Amazon) – Renewed (after being cancelled by Syfy)

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FARGO -- Year 3 -- Pictured (l-r): Michael Stuhlbarg as Sy Feltz, Ewan McGregor as Emmit Stussy. CR: Chris Large/FX
(Photo by Chris Large/FX)

F is for Family: season 4 (Netflix) – Renewed
Family Guy: season 18 (Fox) – Renewed
Family Reunion
: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
: season 4 (FX) – Renewed (pictured)
FBI: season 2 (CBS) – Renewed
Fear the Walking Dead: season 6 (AMC) – Renewed
Five Points
: season 2 (Facebook) – Renewed
Flack: season 1 (Pop) – Cancelled 
The Flash: season 7 (The CW) – Renewed
Florida Girls: season 1 (Pop TV) – Cancelled 
For All Mankind: season 2 (Apple TV+) – Renewed
Fresh Off the Boat: season 6 (ABC) – Cancelled (after sixth, and final, season)
F*ck That’s Delicious: season 4 (Viceland) – Renewed
Fuller House: season 5 (Netflix) – Cancelled (after fifth, and final, season)
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: season 5 (TBS) – Renewed
Future Man: season 3 (Hulu) – Cancelled  (after third, and final, season)
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Cynthia Erivo as Aretha Franklin in National Geographic's GENIUS: ARETHA. (National Geographic/Richard DuCree)
(Photo by Richard DuCree / National Geographic)

Gentleman Jack: season 2 (HBO) – Renewed
Genius: season 3 (National Geographic) – Renewed
Get Shorty: season 3 (Epix) – Renewed
Ghost Nation: season 2 (Travel Channel) – Renewed
GLOW: season 4 (Netflix) – Cancelled (after fourth and final season)
Godfather of Harlem: season 2 (Epix) – Renewed
The Goldbergs: season 7 (ABC) – Renewed
Goliath: season 4 (Amazon) – Cancelled (after fourth, and final, season)
The Good Doctor: season 4 (ABC) – Renewed
The Good Fight: season 4 (CBS All Access) – Renewed
Good Girls: season 3 (NBC) – Renewed
The Good Place: season 4 (NBC) – Cancelled (after fourth, and final, season)
Good Talk with Anthony Jeselnik: season 2 (Amazon Prime Video) – Renewed
Good Trouble: season 3 (Freefrom) – Renewed
Good Witch: season 6 (Hallmark) – Renewed
Grace and Frankie: season 7 (Netflix) – Cancelled (after seventh and final season)
Grantchester: season 5 (PBS) – Renewed
Greenleaf: season 5 (OWN) – Renewed
Grey’s Anatomy: seasons 16 and 17 (ABC) – Renewed
Grown-ish: season 4 (Freeform) – Renewed
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The Handmaid’s Tale: season 4 (Hulu) – Renewed
: season 2 (Amazon Prime Video) – Renewed
Harlots: season 3 (Hulu) – Renewed
The Haunting of Hill House: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed 
Hawaii Five-0: season 10 (CBS) – Cancelled (after 10th, and final, season)
Hell’s Kitchen: seasons 19 and 20 (FOX) – Renewed
High Maintenance: season 4 (HBO) – Renewed
The Hills: New Beginnings: season 2 (MTV) – Renewed
His Dark Materials: season 2 (HBO) – Renewed
Home Before Dark: season 2 (Apple TV+) – Renewed
Homeland: season 8 (Showtime) – Cancelled (after eighth, and final, season)
How to Get Away With Murder: season 6 (ABC) – Cancelled (after sixth, and final, season)
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I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
If Loving You Is Wrong: season 5 (OWN) – Cancelled (after fifth, and final, season)
I’m Sorry: season 3 (truTV) – Renewed
Impractical Jokers: season 9 (truTV) – Renewed
Impulse: season 2 (YouTube Premium) – Renewed
In the Dark: season 3 (The CW) – Renewed
Insatiable: season 2 (Netflix) – Cancelled
Insecure: season 4 (HBO) – Renewed
Into the Dark: season 2 (Hulu) – Renewed
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Jimmy Kimmel Live: Seasons 18, 19, and 20 (ABC) – Renewed
Judge Judy: season 25 (syndicated) – Cancelled (after 25th, and final, season)
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Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole: season 2 (A&E) – Renewed
Kidding: season 2 (Showtime) – Renewed
Killing Eve
: season 4 (AMC and BBC America) – Renewed
The Kominsky Method: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
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L.A.’s Finest: season 2 (Spectrum Originals) – Renewed
Last Chance U: season 4 (Netflix) – Renewed
The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs: season 2 (Shudder) – Renewed
Last Man Standing: season 8 (Fox) – Renewed
The Last O.G.: season 3 (TBS) – Renewed
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: season 7 (HBO) – Renewed
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: season 24 (NBC) – Renewed
Legacies: season 3 (The CW) – Renewed
Letterkenny: season 7 (Hulu) – Renewed
Liar: season 2 (Sundance) – Renewed
Little America: season 2 (Apple TV+) – Renewed
Little Big Shots: season 4 (NBC) – Renewed
Liza On Demand: season 2 (YouTube Premium) – Renewed
Locke & Key: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
The Lord of the Rings: season 2 (Amazon) – Renewed
Los Espookys: season 2 (HBO) – Renewed
Lost in Space: season 3 (Netflix) – Cancelled (after a third, and final, season)
Loudermilk: season 3 (Audience) Renewed
Love, Death & Robots: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
Love is Blind: season 4 (Netflix) – Renewed
Love Island: seasons 2 and 3 (Netflix) – Renewed
Lucifer: season 5 (Netflix) – Cancelled (after a fifth, and final, season)
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MacGyver: season 4 (CBS) – Renewed
Magic for Humans: season 3 (Netflix) – Renewed
The Magicians: season 5 (Syfy) — Cancelled
Magnum P.I.: season 2 (CBS) – Renewed
The Mandalorian: season 2 (Disney+) – Renewed
Man With a Plan: season 4 (CBS) – Renewed
Manifest: season 2 (NBC) – Renewed
Marcella: season 3 (Netflix) – Renewed
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: season 7 (ABC) – Cancelled (after seventh, and final, season)
Marvel’s Spider-Man: season 3 (Disney XD) – Renewed (retitled Spider-Man: Maximum Venom)
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: season 4 (Amazon) – Renewed
The Masked Singer: season 3 (Fox) – Renewed
: season 10 (Fox) – Renewed
MasterChef Junior: season 8 (Fox) – Renewed
Masters of Illusion
: season 9 (The CW) – Renewed
Match Game: season 5 (ABC) – Renewed
Mayans M.C.: season 3 (FX) – Renewed
Mental Samurai: season 2 (Fox) – Renewed
Messiah: season 1 (Netflix) — Cancelled
A Million Little Things: season 2 (ABC) – Renewed
Mindhunter: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
Miracle Workers: season 2 (TNT) – Renewed
The Misery Index: season 2 (TBS) – Renewed
Modern Family: season 11 (ABC) – Cancelled  (after eleventh, and final, season)
Modern Love: season 2 (Amazon Prime Video) – Renewed
Mom: seasons 7 and 8 (CBS) – Renewed
The Morning Show: season 2 (Apple TV+) – Renewed
Mr. Iglesias: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
Mr. Inbetween: season 2 (FX) – Renewed
Mr. Mercedes: season 3 (Audience) – Renewed
My Brilliant Friend: season 2 (HBO) – Renewed

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NARCOS: MEXICO Photo Credit: Carlos Somonte/Netflix
(Photo by Carlos Somonte/Netflix)

Narcos: Mexico: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
NCIS: season 17 (CBS) – Renewed
NCIS: Los Angeles: season 11 (CBS) – Renewed
NCIS: New Orleans: season 6 (CBS) – Renewed
The Neighborhood: season 2 (CBS) – Renewed
New Amsterdam: seasons 3, 4 and 5 (NBC) – Renewed
No Activity: season 3 (CBS All Access) – Renewed
NOS4A2: season 2 (AMC) – Renewed
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October Faction: season 1 (Netflix) – Cancelled
On Becoming a God in Central Florida: season 2 (Showtime) – Renewed
On My Block: season 3 (Netflix) – Renewed
One Day at a Time
: season 4 (Pop) – Renewed (after being cancelled by Netflix)
The Orville: season 3 (Fox/Hulu) – Renewed 
The Other Two: season 2 (Comedy Central) – Renewed
Outlander: season 5 and 6 (Starz) – Renewed
The Outpost: season 3 (The CW) – Renewed
The Owl House: season 2 (Disney Channel) – Renewed
Ozark: season 3 (Netflix) – Renewed
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Paradise PD: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
PEN15: season 2 (Hulu) – Renewed
Pennyworth: season 2 (Epix) – Renewed
Pose: season 3 (FX) – Renewed
Power: season 6 (Starz) – Cancelled  (after sixth, and final, season)
Press Your Luck: season 2 (ABC) – Renewed
Project Blue Book: season 2 (History) – Renewed
Project Runway: season 18 (Bravo) – Renewed
The Purge: season 2 (USA) – Renewed
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Queer Eye: season 6 (Netflix) – Renewed
Queen of the South: season 5 (USA) – Renewed
Queen Sugar: season 5 (OWN) – Renewed
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Ramy: season 2 (Hulu) – Renewed
Random Acts of Flyness: season 2 (HBO) – Renewed
Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure: season 3 (Disney Channel) – Renewed
Raven’s Home: season 3 (Disney Channel) – Renewed
Ray Donovan: season 7 (Showtime) – Cancelled
The Resident: season 3 (Fox) – Renewed
Rhythm+ Flow: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed 
Rick and Morty: season 4 (Adult Swim) – Renewed 
Ride With Norman Reedus: season 5 (AMC) – Renewed
The Righteous Gemstones: season 2 (HBO) – Renewed
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: season 2 (Nickelodeon) – Renewed
Riverdale: season 5 (The CW) – Renewed
Riviera: season 3 (Sundance Now) – Renewed
Roswell, New Mexico: season 3 (The CW) – Renewed
Russian Doll: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
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Sacred Lies: season 3 (Facebook) – Renewed
Schitt’s Creek: Season 6 (Pop) – Cancelled  (after sixth, and final, season)
Schooled: season 2 (ABC) – Renewed
Scream: season 3 (MTV) – Renewed
SEAL Team: season 3 (CBS) – Renewed
Search Party: season 4 (TBS) – Renewed
See: season 2 (Apple TV+) – Renewed
Servant: season 2 (Apple TV+) – Renewed
Sex Education: season 3 (Netflix) – Renewed
Shameless: season 11 (Showtime) – Cancelled (after eleventh, and final, season)
Shark Tank: season 11 (ABC) – Renewed
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: season 5 (Netflix) – Renewed
Shrill: season 3 (Hulu) – Renewed
The Simpsons: seasons 31 and 32 (Fox) – Renewed
Single Parents: season 2 (ABC) – Renewed
The Sinner: season 3 (USA) – Renewed
Siren: season 3 (Freeform) – Renewed
Snowfall: season 4 (FX) – Renewed
So You Think You Can Dance: season 17 (Fox) – Renewed
Soundtrack: season 1 (Netflix) – Cancelled
Spinning Out: season 1 (Netflix) – Cancelled
Supertore: season 6 (NBC) – Renewed

Snowpiercer: season 2 (TNT) – Renewed
The Society: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
Somebody Feed Phil: season 3 (Netflix) – Renewed
Songland: season 2 (NBC) – Renewed
Sorry for Your Loss: season 2 (Facebook) –Cancelled
South Park: season 26 (Comedy Central) – Renewed
South Side: season 2 (Comedy Central) – Renewed
Star Trek: Discovery: season 3 (CBS All Access) – Renewed
Star Trek: Picard: season 2 (CBS All Access) – Renewed
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: season 7 (Disney+) – Cancelled (after seventh, and final, season)
Station 19: season 4 (ABC) – Renewed
Stranger Things: season 4 (Netflix) – Renewed
Strike Back: season 7 (Cinemax) – Cancelled (after seventh, and final, season)
Succession: season 3 (HBO) – Renewed
Supergirl: season 6 (The CW) – Renewed
Supernatural: season 15 (The CW) – Cancelled (after fifteenth, and final, season)
Superstore: season 5 (NBC) – Renewed
SWAT: season 3 (CBS) – Renewed
Sweetbitter: season 2 (Starz) – Cancelled
Sydney to the Max: season 3 (Disney Channel) – Renewed
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Taboo: season 2 (FX) – Renewed
Tacoma FD: season 2 (TruTV) – Renewed
Tell Me a Story: season 2 (CBS All Access) – Renewed
Temptation Island: season 5 (USA) – Renewed
The Terror: season 2 (AMC) – Renewed
The Titan Games: season 2 (NBC) – Renewed
This Close: season 2 (Sundance) – Renewed
This Is Us: seasons 5 and 6 (NBC) – Renewed
Titans: season 3 (DC Universe) – Renewed
To Tell the Truth: season 5 (ABC) – Renewed
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan: season 3 (Amazon) – Renewed
Tosh.0: season 12 (Comedy Central) – Renewed
Truth Be Told: season 2 (Apple TV+) – Renewed
The Twilight Zone: season 2 (CBS All Access) – Renewed
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The Umbrella Academy SEASON Season 1 EPISODE 10 PHOTO CREDIT Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix PICTURED Ellen Page
(Photo by Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix)

Ultraman: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
The Umbrella Academy
: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
Undone: season 2 (Amazon Prime Video) – Renewed

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vida starz
(Photo by Starz)

V-Wars: season 1 (Netflix) – Cancelled
Van Helsing: season 5 (Syfy) – Cancelled (after a fifth, and final, season)
Veronica Mars: season 4 (Hulu) – Cancelled
Very Scary People: season 2 (HLN) – Renewed
Vida: season 3 (Starz) – Cancelled (after third, and final, season)
The Voice: season 18 (NBC) – Renewed
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The Walking Dead
: season 11 (AMC) – Renewed
Watch What Happens Liveseason 18 (Bravo) – Renewed
Warrior: season 2 (Cinemax) – Renewed
Westworld: season 3 (HBO) – Renewed
What We Do in the Shadows: season 2 (FX) – Renewed
When Calls the Heart: season 7 (Hallmark) – Renewed
The Witcher: season 2 (Netflix) – Renewed
Whose Line Is It Anyway?: season 15 (The CW) – Renewed
Will & Grace: season 11 (NBC) – Cancelled (after eleventh, and final, season)
World of Dance: season 4 (NBC) – Renewed
Wrong Man: season 2 (STARZ) – Renewed
Wynonna Earp: season 4 (Syfy) – Renewed
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Penn Badgley stars in YOU

Year of the Rabbit: season 2 (IFC) – Renewed
Yellowstone: season 4 (Paramount Network) – Renewed
You: season 3 (Netflix) – Renewed
You Me Her: season 5 (Audience) – Cancelled (after fifth, and final, season)
The Young and the Restless: seasons 48, 49, 50 and 51 (CBS) – Renewed
Young Justice: seasons 4 (DC Universe) – Renewed
Young Sheldon: seasons 3 and 4 (CBS) – Renewed
Younger: season 7 (TV Land) – Renewed

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