The Best Social Reactions to that Insane Hobbs & Shaw Trailer

This movie is leaving everything you know about Fast & Furious in the dust, and the internet is here for it.

by | February 1, 2019 | Comments

As Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, and Idris Elba square off in the Hobbs & Shaw trailer, we are witnessing the Fast & Furious franchise’s long-destined transformation from street racing movies to heist flicks to techno-action roller coasters. Seriously, we have Elba in body armor that looks like it was made in a Stark Industries lab, armored trucks corkscrewing in mid-air deflecting a hail of machine gun fire, vertical fight scenes on the outside of skyscrapers, and Vanessa Kirby, obviously jealous she didn’t get to do the halo jump in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, in for some of that blockbuster adrenaline.

And because nothing gets by the internet, the lunacy of Hobbs & Shaw has set fire to the social media film community. Hobbs & Shaw doesn’t drop until August 2 this year, but you can read the best, funniest social reactions here and now:

They have super powers now? Jumping the shark may be an understatement for this franchise.
– IG: morenol1990

More cars flying through buildings?
– IG: howlin_owl

i know this a spinoff but what the hell happened to this franchise lol it was regular street racing in the first couple of movies, now there are fricking superhumans?
– IG: efebeydogan

Guess Fast Furious gonna have Iron Man someday
– IG: caleb_narendra

All this shows is the Elba needs to play bond

Hobbs & Shaw is in theaters August 2, 2019