Cannes 2008: Nope to Pope Portente

New actress joins pontiff project.

by | May 15, 2008 | Comments

It’s only the first day of Cannes and yet the film announcements are coming thick and first. The latest concerns Pope Joan, and sees one German beauty departing the project only to be replaced by another.

Due to a scheduling conflict, Run Lola Run star Franke Portente will no longer play the 9th century female pontiff, with TV star Johanna Wokalek now taking on the role.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it’s also unclear whether John Goodman will be involved with the film. The Speed Racer star was originally cast as Pope Sergius in the period piece, only to pull out when production stalled last year. Constantin Film filed a $3m breach of contract lawsuit against Goodman, although the company says it is currently in talks with the actor and he could still join the cast.

Whatever the case, Miracle of Bern director Sonke Wortmann will take charge of Pope Joan this August for a 2009 release.